Free Bird of California offers a 3 year warranty on our products.

We cover defects in leather workmanship and hardware 
 is required.

The warranty exclusions listed below are not considered manufacture defects and are considered normal wear and tear.

We will be able to accommodate the repair, but a fee will incurred for the following: 

  • Worn edges or corners from daily use
  • Natural fading and softening of materials
  • Stains, spots and spills
  • Stretching from wear/use
  • Rips and gashes from rough use
  • Fire/Water damage
  • Improper conditioning and cleaning with chemicals agents
our values

Ethical Sourcing

We choose to partner with suppliers that certify fair labor practices through the supply chain and tanneries from the Leather Working Group that value following strict waste protocols, reduce energy usage and water re-treatment in the tanning process.


Since this is leather, in respect to the hides we believe in using as much as possible and try to produce as close to zero waste as possible. Through upcycling, handbag scraps can be remade into earrings and keychains or filling for cushions

Locally Made

A living wage is a human right. Our goods are produced locally and employees paid a living wage in a safe working environment.


We provide leather goods repair and reconditioning to keep your products lasting a lifetime and out of the landfill.

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