Free Bird of California is an established leather goods brand offering thoughtfully designed handmade leather accessories and handbags to the Bay Area. These handcrafted leather goods are ethically sourced and manufactured with minimal waste and upcycling, offering fine leather options for goods at various price points.
our values

Ethical Sourcing

We choose to partner with suppliers that certify fair labor practices through the supply chain and tanneries from the Leather Working Group that value following strict waste protocols, reduce energy usage and water re-treatment in the tanning process.


Since this is leather, in respect to the hides we believe in using as much as possible and try to produce as close to zero waste as possible. Through upcycling, handbag scraps can be remade into earrings and keychains or filling for cushions

Locally Made

A living wage is a human right. Our goods are produced locally and employees paid a living wage in a safe working environment.


We provide leather goods repair and reconditioning to keep your products lasting a lifetime and out of the landfill.

To learn more about our repair services.

Our Mission

Free Bird of California creates timeless leather pieces, of uncompromising quality built to last. Skillfully handcrafted in Oakland, California.

About the Designer

Amber Washington started Free Bird of California after finding an unlikely passion in leather as a designer for the leather watch strap brand, Hugel. In order to fully understand the handmade strap collector industry, Amber researched leathercraft techniques used by the finest leather goods company, Hermes, and spent time teaching herself the art of hand stitched leather.  

An Oakland native and graduate of the Academy of Art University, Amber started her career with 11 years in apparel design and production in Los Angeles, Bangladesh and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Free Bird of California was created to merge the three elements of revival of fading local American production and skilled craft, sharing creative skills for community nourishment, and a passion for well made leather goods.

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