To care for your leather goods is to be intentional and purpose-led in your shopping habits

We use various types of leather to make our goods, from semi-aniline to veg tan. As leather is a natural and porous material, it's subject to change throughout its lifetime with daily use. This is completely normal and your leather products should evolve with you. 

Leather is not waterproof, though a splash of water here and there should not hurt it, water spotting may occur if exposed to rain/water. All care should be taken to avoid contact with excessive sweat, water, perfumes oils, or dirt to prevent unwanted discoloration and/or damage.


1-2 times a year : Take a mildly damp soft cloth and use a tiny quantity of a leather cleaner like a saddle soap gently wipe in a circular motion. Let dry overnight.


Apply conditioner to replace the moisture it lost when it was being cleaned.

*Remember that some conditioners darken leather more than others, so make sure to test in an inconspicuous spot before applying to the entire item. 

SUEDE TEXTURE PATTERN - Photo by Noah Kroes on Unsplash


Suede is very delicate. To remove lint, dust, and dirt from your strap, use a soft and clean brush/toothbrush and lightly brush over the surface of the strap to remove debris. Do not expose to water, excessive sweat or perfumes as stains from these cannot be removed from suede. Lightly spray with a suede protector to help keep it from getting too dirty.


FB/CA 3 Year Warranty

Although we provide a 3 year warranty, FreeBird of California cannot take responsibility for damage your leather goods has suffered as a result of improper care.

our values

Ethical Sourcing

We choose to partner with suppliers that certify fair labor practices through the supply chain and tanneries from the Leather Working Group that value following strict waste protocols, reduce energy usage and water re-treatment in the tanning process.


Since this is leather, in respect to the hides we believe in using as much as possible and try to produce as close to zero waste as possible. Through upcycling, handbag scraps can be remade into earrings and keychains or filling for cushions

Locally Made

A living wage is a human right. Our goods are produced locally and employees paid a living wage in a safe working environment.


We provide leather goods repair and reconditioning to keep your products lasting a lifetime and out of the landfill.

To learn more about our  repair services.